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Smart Intuitive Search

Our state-of-the-art search engine is by far the fastest, most intuitive, flexible music search tool in the world. Search by keyword, style and mood, bpms, keys, or upload a song or URL and try our sonic search. Searching for cues has never been easier and more fun.

Free Hard Drive

We’ll ship you an Avid-ready hard drive for easy loading into your system. Our drive comes with all our search metadata embedded into the files so you can search keywords without leaving the Avid.

Exclusive Music Library

Strike Audio offers more than 60,000 original cues in over 50 different genres and 250 subgenres. Most of our editor-friendly cues also come with stems and stings.

Genre-Bending Custom Cues

Whatever you're looking for, be it Mozart crossed with hip-hop, or swing with an emo slant; if you can imagine it, we can deliver it.

Main Themes and Show Packages

The right music makes a good show great, defining the tone and setting it apart in today's saturated market. We create standout signature main themes and show music packages at rates that no other library can match.

Music Supervision and Custom Playlists

Strike's in-house professional music supervisors work closely with your team to find the perfect music for your shows. We handle the details, so you can focus on the big stuff.